CBD Oil - 20 Reasons Athletes Use CBD Oil for Sport Injuries

20 Reasons Athletes Use Hemp Extract Oils for Sport Injuries

The use of CBD in sports is increasing. We are now hearing the mention of CBD and sports together, more often than we ever did. Perhaps, the primary reason for this popularity of CBD is its numerous benefits to the human body. Besides that, the legislation surrounding its usage is also loosening. CBD does not possess the same characteristics as THC. It is only one of the many cannabinoids that are present in cannabis plants.

Unlike THC, CBD is the active substance that offers positive effects on the body. In case you are wondering, there are several reasons why athletes are adopting the use of CBD products recently. In this article, we will briefly explain 20 of these reasons. Read on to know more about why athletes use CBD oil for sports injuries.

1. CBD has Gained a Good Level of Legality

You’ll be glad to learn that CBD’s use is now legal in many parts of the world. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about breaking the law anymore when using CBD sports products. Bear in mind, however, that the legality of hemp and cultivation and CBD might vary from country to country. Therefore, it’ll make sense for you to check the local law if you are using CBD outside the United States.

Many European countries already allow the use of CBD in different forms, while the law relating to CBD is still unclear in many Asian countries. 

2. CBD-Related Stigmas are Gradually Dying Off

Another reason why you might want to try CBD now is the death of the stigma that once surrounded it. Alongside the change in legality of CBD worldwide, the public perception about it is also changing. A recent survey carried out by Associated Press showed that over 61 percent of Americans now support the use of CBD products.

People are becoming more aware that marijuana and hemp are two distinct strains of cannabis. Hence, the change of perspective. Seeing the trend of things, it’s no more surprising to see how quickly athletes are changing how they view CBD use.  

3. There are Several CBD Options That Do Not Violate Drug Use Policies 

Over time, CBD products manufacturers have discovered and produced CBD options that do not violate drug policies. While full-spectrum hemp extracts may contain detectable THC amounts and may not be permitted under some anti-drug policies, there are tons of other alternatives that work.

For instance, many CBD oils for pain are made with broad-spectrum and isolated CBD extracts. Therefore they do not contain THC; hence, allowing athletes to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD without necessarily violating drug laws by sports’ governing bodies. 

4. CBD Topicals are More Efficient and Easy to Use 

Another reason why athletes and other sports enthusiasts are rooting for the use of CBD products is the efficiency they come with. CBD tropicals like CBD lotion for pain have proven to be easier to use and often more efficient than over the counter medications. Unlike many drugs and oral supplements that require prescriptions and strict timing, athletes can turn to the use of CBD topicals at any time. There’s no fear of overdose.

Athletes are prone to frequent muscle strains due to pushing their bodies beyond limit during training and competitions. CBD topical can target specific areas, therefore making them more efficient than oral products.

5. The World Anti-doping Agency is Loosening Up on CBD Prohibition

Another reason why more athletes are beginning to use CBD sports products is the significantly reduced regulation on it. Thanks to WADA’s announcement on September 29, 2017, athletes can now use CBD products like CBD pain relief creams, assured that they are not in the list of banned substances.

The shift in regulation for CBD use in training and sports competition marked a milestone, spelling a significant relief for athletes. This acceptance is perhaps the biggest reason why athletes can use CBD products and talk about them publicly.

6. CBD Comes From a Known Source

Unlike many other over the counter medications, CBD comes from a known source. Most athletes are cautious about what they consume because it affects their health and fitness levels. With this in mind, it’s easier to trust CBD products over other medications because of their natural derivation.

While the manufacturing of CBD products might involve scientific processes, it is still not difficult to trace their sources. Therefore, athletes can expect minimal side effects when they use CBD products. 

7. The Availability of Several Options. 

The connection between the use of CBD and sports is becoming more popular. Athletes are adopting the use of CBD products, not just because of the efficacy that they bring. People are also excited about the availability of a wide range of options. The availability of options such as CBD oils, tablets, and topical, offers athletes varieties.

Athletes can try different options to see which fits them. This also means that people can buy products that will target their specific problems. Unlike most conventional drugs that must be ingested, CBD products can be used in different modes.

8. It Speeds Up Recovery

The availability of CBD in different forms also helps to ensure a speedy recovery. The use of CBD as lotion, ointments, and creams, for instance, makes it useful for reducing pains associated with recovery. This is especially so considering that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect positions it to help the fast-track recovery process.

CBD is also effective when taken in other forms. The use of CBD as droplets or capsules also helps it target internal pains and injuries that cannot be reached by massages. 

9. Efficiently Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It’s not strange to hear that athletes are often subjected to intense stress and anxiety during training and when preparing for major competitions. These stress and anxiety can cause athletes to lose motivation to train. However, several CBD products today can help the body recover quickly from such stress and anxiety.

CBD empowers the body in its quest to suppress stress and anxiety, therefore allowing athletes to continue training. Apart from aiding quick recovery, CBD also creates the right amount of anti-stress hormones to ensure efficient stress response.

10. Helps Improve Sleep and Relaxation

Several study results suggest that CBD gives users a certain level of calmness necessary for improved relaxation during sleep. Since sleep is such an essential therapy for recovering lost energy, it is a no-brainer that athletes are adopting its use. Certainly, the use of CBD products would improve sleep and help you achieve optimum performance.

Apart from helping athletes rest well, CBD products also help them get up even more energetic than they were before sleeping.

11. Helps To Prevent Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is one of the biggest reasons why athletes are trusting it. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injuries and pains. Inflammations can typically disrupt athletes’ training schedules or even stop them from participating in a competition entirely.

However, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can help suppress symptoms of inflammation. This way, the body will resist injuries or muscle strains. 

12. More Control Over Weight Gain 

One of the major benefits of CBD is its ability to reduce the feeling of hunger. As an athlete, you already know that lowering how you eat would help you keep a check on your weight. This is why most athletes turn to CBD products, especially when preparing for major sporting events where weight may count as a disadvantage. 

13. CBD Helps to Increase Fitness and Endurance 

Over time, studies have shown CBD’s ability to balance the endocannabinoid in the human body. Balancing the endocannabinoid system means that your overall endurance and body condition gets set for tough exercise routines. This means that CBD offers you a headstart, which will be useful as you go into your sport’s competitive part. 

14. Helps to Increase Muscle Gain

As an athlete, you probably already know the importance of having a good muscle structure. The use of CBD in sports does not only help for muscle growth, but it also aids quick recovery when you lose muscles. CBD products are especially useful to athletes whose sports events require them to build muscles. The enhanced recovery process attached to CBD and its ability to prevent inflammation helps athletes to build and increase their muscles more rapidly.

15. Boosts Immune System

Research into CBD has shown its strong potential in boosting the immune system. Over time, scientists have found that naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the body help regulate its homeostatic balance.

Considering the presence of cannabidiol in CBD, it’s easy to deduce that it will help to boost the immune system. Of course, every athlete would fancy improved immunity; hence, the popularity of CBD use.

16. All Natural and Organic

Unlike Opiates and several over the counter medications, CBD provides the body with organic and all-natural benefits. This benefit of CBD is especially useful to athletes considering how the side effects of certain drugs can slow their performance and preparation for sports events.

For example, CBD oil preference for nerve pains would mean more efficacy and fewer side effects compared to several other drugs.

17. More Pro Athletes Are Endorsing It

One of the reasons for the surge in CBD’s popularity in the sports works is that many pro athletes are beginning to advocate for it vocally. Especially for sports that leave participants more prone to injuries. CBD has been a source of relief to athletes in these sports, considering that they are now guaranteed of easier and more effective solutions to injuries. We expect to see more athletes endorse the use of athletes in the near future. 

18. CBD Products Are Now Readily Available

The loosening of legislation surrounding CBD use by athletes and non-athletes has made more dealers confident to sell their products. These days, you can even find genuine CBD products in pharmacies and grocery stores. This makes sourcing for your favorite products easier, unlike in the past when it took a lot of processes to get your favorite CBD product.

19. Safer on Stomach

Traditional pain medications can also cause damage to the stomach. When large quantities of conventional medicines are taken, they can cause issues like constipation. However, with topical options like CBD hemp oil for pain, CBD gets absorbed transdermally into the body, completely avoiding the gastrointestinal tract. CBD users are also testifying that oils, gummies, and daily soft gels are easier on their stomachs. 

20. Helps to Stop Sensitivity 

CBD products work against pain and sensitivity that athletes experience due to the heavy physical training they are subjected to. The best part of this is the ability of CBD products to do all these without causing high or damage to the body.

There you have it, several reasons why athletes use CBD oil for damage injuries. If you are an athlete still considering whether to adopt the use of CBD oils, then these benefits are enough reasons. However, we advise that you contact your doctor before taking CBD products if you have any underlying health issues. Thankfully, there are several options available from tablets to edibles and CBD topicals. Find the one that suits your body system and stick to it.


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