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Hemp Extracts for Muscle Pain and Sports-Related Injuries

Sports and recreation-related injuries are becoming more popular, despite the invention of modern sports equipment. In fact, a recent study showed that this kind of injury accounts for over 4 million emergency room visits annually.

This number might not be alarming to you if you know how prone athletes are to injuries. However, one thing is certain: everybody wants a quick solution. A quick solution would motivate athletes to take more risks, and fans would enjoy their favorite sports more.

Naturally, injured athletes search for relief wherever possible, especially when such reliefs are guaranteed. This is why many are already turning to the potent powers of CBD oil for chronic pain relief and for treating muscle pains and sports-related injuries.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the possibilities that exist with CBD pain relief. Does it reduce pain and inflammation? If it does, how should athletes use it during the recovery process? Finally, what’s its legality? Read on to find everything you need to know about CBD and sports.

How Athletes Experience Pain

As an athlete, you are probably no stranger to pain. Some fitness enthusiasts even crave post-workout aches. However, when the going gets tough, injuries and bad muscle soreness can become pretty uncomfortable, even for the toughest athletes. It’s at this point that most athletes tend to turn to the healing powers of sports CBD products.

If you are an athlete, you are most likely going to come across two distinct kinds of pain during your career:

The most common kind of pain among athletes is caused by muscle soreness. As an athlete that workout regularly, this is a kind of pain you’ll always experience. Despite the great feeling that comes with putting in the extra work in the gym, most athletes sleep almost sure that they’ll pay for the extra push in the morning.

This shouldn’t be a cause of worry for any athlete. It’s because exercises are responsible for causing certain microscopic damage to body muscles. Your body is then left with the responsibility of repairing the damages, essentially putting more stress on the muscle.

The second type of pain that athletes often have to experience is caused by injuries. Despite efforts by every athlete to reduce the possibilities of injuries, we are still often faced with injury-risks. The scare can cause underperformance in any sport.

Below, let’s look more closely at sports injuries and muscle pains. Let’s also look at their effect on the body.

Muscle Pain Explained

Medically known as delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle pain is a result of microscopic damage in the muscle. These damages are often created during exercises. While exercising, you often subject your muscles to more work than they usually do. For example, several rounds of sit-ups can cause such microscopic damages on your abdominal muscles; thus causing soreness in your stomach area.

During this time, the damaged cells forcefully release some Inflammatory compounds called cytokines. On noticing the presence of these cytokines in the body, the immune system activated automatically, sending specialized cells to the affected area to begin the repair.

It is in the process of repairing the damage that the muscle would gain more strength and size. It’s also during this process that we tend to feel post-workout or post-exercise soreness. Medically, this pain/soreness is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

We now know through study results that DOMS is typically caused by the hypersensitivity of pain receptors present in damaged muscles. The sensitivity stabilizes as the muscle begins to heal. Despite the discomfort that it typically causes, DOMS actually shows that you are causing the right damage that your muscle would need to grow bigger and stronger.

Pains as a Result of Injuries

The second type of pain prevalent among athletes is that caused by injuries. Experienced athletes can tell the difference between DOMS and this kind of pain. Although DOMS comes with its discomfort, it is mostly not as severe as injury pains. Most athletes would continue working out even when they notice DOMS pain.

However, due to the severity of injury pains, they are often sharper, and generally able to stop an athlete from continuing his/her activities.  Bear in mind, however, that there are different kinds of injuries and each kind of injury affects an athlete differently.

Here, let’s briefly talk about some of the most common types of injuries and how they affect an average athlete.


This type of injury is caused by a tearing or overstretching of the joint ligaments. Sprains happen when you put your joints through sudden unusual works. They can happen to any joint, but they are mostly known to affect the ankle.


This type of injury happens as a result of overstretching the muscles or the tendons that connect the muscles with the bones. This kind of injury is most common in the hamstring and on the back.


This is another popular type of experience by athletes. It typically happens when the edge of a bone gets forced out of its position in a joint. The most common parts of the body affected by dislocations are the shoulder, ankle, wrist, and knee.

Apart from these few, athletes also experience serious Injuries like fractures, spinal cord injuries, and concussions. As an athlete, the chances are that you’ve experienced one or more of the injuries highlighted above. These injuries often cause pains that can keep you from participating in your favorite activity for weeks or even months.

When such pains occur, athletes are forced to look for solutions that would help them get back to fitness. For a long time, athletes have normalized the use of over the counter drugs for treating mild and severe pains caused by sports and exercise-related injuries. However, there have also been complaints of side effects after taking some pain relief medications.

More recently, athletes are resulting in the use of CBD pain killers for treating injury-related pains. Thankfully, several different CBD sports products can help. With more brands going into the production of such products, it’s only a matter of time before we see a full normalization of the use of CBD products for pain by athletes around the world.

How to Use CBD for Muscle Pains and Sports-Related Injuries

Having talked so much about the possibility of facing pains, let’s now focus on a solution that works. The use of CBD for pain relief has gained popularity over the years. If you are interested in the use of CBD for managing pains, then here’s what you need to know. The first question is often that product would be effective for your particular complaint?

The options abound from CBD lotion for pains to CBD capsules, balms, and moisturizers. The market is stocked with several different products for you. The availability of all these options can easily become overwhelming for a novice. Read on to find out how you can identify the best CBD products for your pain or discomfort.

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Using Tropicals to Treat Specific Muscle Groups

For most athletes, this is the first option that comes to mind when thinking of the possibility of using CBD for pains. It is an excellent option to turn to if you tend to experience soreness in one area. For instance:

  • If your quads tend to overfire during or after workout sessions.
  • If you experience muscle soreness after ascending stairs.
  • If your wrist and finger feel unhappy after every session of intense typing and swiping.
  • If your shoulder hurts due to daily stress, irrespective of how many deep breaths you take or how often you relax between works.

If you relate to any of the scenarios mentioned above, then topical CBD products are the right options to turn to. This type of CBD product is designed to absorb transdermally, making them excellent choices for targeting specific muscles or areas during application. You can try applying CBD hemp oil for pain.

Options include:

  • Treating yourself to a nourishing massage with CBD oil for nerve pain or CBD pain relief cream
  • Application of relief balm to the sore area.

Tip: If you are considering using CBD oil for chronic pain, you’ll need to understand that some products advertised as hemp oil do not contain CBD extracts. As such, we advise that you check the product label to be sure that CBD is listed under your oil’s ingredients to experience the full benefits of CBD. Better still, order your products from certified CBD brands that list their lab reports in compliance with lab testing standards.

Taking CBD Tablets or Oil for Health Support

It’s often easier to address your muscle discomfort I’d you are aware of its specific root. But there are times when irrespective of how many CBD massages you give yourself, you’ll still experience discomfort at different points.

There are times when:

  • You’ll experience aches in different parts of your body even after trying to rest. You
  • often don’t know what would come up next.
    You wake up with pains all over your body after a night with several glasses of wine.
  • You hurt your neck or arm as a result of a bad sleeping posture.
  • You don’t know why, but your whole body doesn’t just feel as great as you’ll want.

If you are familiar with any or all of these, then a good CBD product can help to address your discomfort right to its roots. Oral ingestion of CBD is a direct method for absorbing it into your bloodstream. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of experiencing its full benefits.

Options include:

  • Taking CBD capsules and related products.
  • Taking CBD drops as part of your routine before or after exercising.

What Else Should You Know Before Trying CBD?

CBD contains a minimal amount of THC, and it is generally considered safe to use. However, despite its relatively mild side effects, you are still advised to seek medical advice before using it, especially if you have a medical condition or if you are taking another medication.

There are cases of CBD interacting with certain medications. Most times, it changes how the body breaks down these medications.

Starters in CBD would need to begin with a low dose to test how the body would generally react. Starters are also advised to avoid using it in workouts or athletic competitions until they are comfortable with its effects. You can increase your dose as you grow comfortable with the use of CBD products.

If you are in for it, you can also experiment with the different consumption methods available. Options such as CBD coffees, muscle balms, and drinks may excite you. Pick a method that suits your need and body system and stick to it for maximum benefits.


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