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Our Guide To Some Of The Best Hemp Extract Oil Products

Hemp products is a fast-growing market in the USA, with many brands vying for a slice of the action. Cannabidiol, to give CBD its full name, is a compound of the cannabis plant. It is used by many people to help with chronic pain issues, and also helps with depression and anxiety, as well as insomnia.

Although yet to be medically ratified, CBD is legal to buy and use in the UK, and many thousands of satisfied customers cannot be wrong! If you’re looking for help choosing the best CBD oil in the UK, then read on. We’ve chosen six to check out and will give our verdict at the end.

Trip CBD

One of the most recent brands to hit the market is Trip CBD, launched in 2020. Presented in neat packaging and with two flavors – Wild Mint and Orange Blossom – it has met with many positive reviews. Trip CBD comes in a choice of 300mg and 1000mg strengths 300mg is an ideal starting point for newcomers, as it gives you an idea of the effects of CBD oil. A USP of Trip CBD is that it includes chamomile, which is known to help with stress and anxiety. Our verdict: a welcome newcomer to the market in great flavors.

CBD Guru

An established name in the marketplace, CBD Guru has been voted among the UK’s top brands of CBD oil by UK users. It’s available in a wide range of strengths from 250mg up to 2000mg and is carefully concocted using the very best quality ingredients. Laboratory tested and containing 0% THC – that’s the psychoactive compound in cannabis – CBD Guru has also produced an innovative CBD dosage calculator which is a great help as getting the right dose can be confusing. Our verdict: CBD Guru is sensibly priced and of the highest quality.

Ndulge Earth CBD OIL

Ndulge Earth is an established brand in the United States market that has expanded its product range to include a variety of products. Ndulge Earth CBD oil Reduce wrinkles and regenerate cells with 100% Pure Organic Marula Oil. It’s a miracle! Native to Southern Africa, the people in this region have used Marula oil for hundreds of years as a way to hydrate both skin and hair. It’s a high concentration of mono-saturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants imitate the outermost layer of skin. This allows the skin to absorb the oil without leaving any residue. Infused with the healing properties CBD, your skin will experience vitality and radiance while reducing epidermal inflammation and restoring balance. Our verdict: Ndulge Earth is sensibly priced and of the highest quality.

Medterra CBD Oil

This US brand has recently launched in the UK market and offers a great choice of CBD oils in strengths up to 3000mg. The brand is among the longest-established and most trusted in the USA so is a welcome addition to the UK market. Entirely organic – even the hemp from which it is extracted is organically grown – it is mixed with MCT oil which is known to help improve energy levels and is good for the heart. Well-priced in a competitive market, Medterra is set to become a popular choice with UK users. Our verdict: US product with excellent organic credentials, and the addition of MCT oil makes it an interesting choice.

Four Five CBD

The Four Five brand was established by a pair of former Rugby internationals, and the sporting theme continues as it is especially formulated for athletes. Four Five is THC-free (legally CBD oil can contain up to 0.3% THC). Available in two flavours – natural and orange – it is entirely natural, suitable for vegans, and laboratory tested for quality and potency. Our verdict: Four Five CBD oil fills a gap in being suitable for athletes, and is a quality product that has been carefully considered.


OTO is an established brand in the UK market that has expanded its product range to include a variety of products. The CBD oil is carefully formulated using natural ingredients and the carefully designed pipette dispenser delivers exactly the right dose every time, a clever touch that overcomes the dosage confusion we mentioned before. This product is marketed as ‘sleep drops’ and comes in 1500mg strength, and is available in flavors including lavender and spearmint. Our verdict: formulated for help with insomnia, this is a product that comes with many satisfactory reviews, and although more expensive than some is recommended.

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In any market where new brands and products are being added all the time it is difficult to make a choice, The CBD market is growing at an unprecedented rate as more people discover the benefits of CBD. The five above are all excellent brands.

Right now, often if you buy one you can get one free, and that’s the sort of offer that is hard to beat.


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