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Terpenes: How to Boost Your THC and CBD Benefits.

The recent rave about terpenes makes it a subject worth studying. Tons of studies are currently ongoing around terpenes, with numerous benefits being discovered daily. Simply put, Terpenes is a chemical make-up of cannabis products. However, terpenes exist in many different plants. They are not exactly strange to humans, but there is still a lot that people might not know about them.

Over time, studies have shown that Terpenes play a crucial role in how THC and CBD affect humans. This article would address all you need to know about how terpenes can boost THC and CBD benefits.

Why You Need to Know About Terpenes CBD Oil Benefits Boosting Qualities.

See, everybody deserves to know that terpenes can affect them — positively. Terpenes heighten the Medical benefits of CBD. And this is especially important to users of cannabis products. There are different types of terpenes. According to a reliable source, there are over 3000 terpenes.

However, only a few of them are well-known. Nevertheless, these terpenes’ knowledge can help cannabis product users understand the functions that particular strains have on them.

When relatively new ideas spring up, there’s bound to be misconceptions about them. You’ll get to know ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ concerning terpenes in this article.

Let’s start by answering questions like, ‘What are terpenes?’ You definitely shouldn’t put the cart before the horse here. A solid understanding of terpenes will help you grasp the ideas behind their key functions in THC and CBD products.

What are Terpenes?

When hearing terpenes, chemists are probably thinking of some chemical formulas. Such formulas would end up being gibberish to regular folk. However, the fact that you might not relate to chemical formulas doesn’t take away the validity of terpenes, and its benefits.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, terpenes are an isometric hydrocarbon commonly found in essential oils. And as you already know, CBD and THC are essential oils that you derive from different cannabis species.

But since terpenes are found in essential oils, you might wonder how this article discusses their ability to boost CBD and THC benefits.

This is it; the process of extracting terpenes vary. And with varying methods, comes different levels of terpenes content. Terpenes can also be extracted in isolation, so that you can add it to CBD products when necessary.  Most forms of extracting CBD and THC fail to feature as much terpene as would be needed for good effect. Hence, it makes sense to talk about how the addition of terpenes can boost CBD benefits.

Of course, most CBD users are pleased with the unique smell and taste of CBD. But most people do not realize terpenes are responsible for these great qualities. Terpenes are not mere chemicals; they are aromatic hydrocarbons.

Now that you know what terpenes are, you may begin to wonder how it affects you. Let’s take a look at how terpenes occur in CBD and THC.

Terpenes in CBD

Like we have already mentioned, CBD contains some amount of terpenes. However, the terpenes are not in adequate quantities. This inadequacy in quantity is often attributed to the extraction process of cannabidiol from cannabis plants. There are two standard methods of extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant.

They are CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. And none of these methods ensures that the end products contain enough terpenes. Some CBD products have only a negligible amount of terpenes in them. Yet one can add isolated terpenes to boost CBD hemp oil benefits.

Terpenes in THC.

There wouldn’t be any need to dwell much on THCs. You can derive THCs from the two previously mentioned methods. And as a result, typical THC extraction means that there is little to no terpenes in them as well.

The Role of Terpenes in Cannabis Strains

Terpenes give cannabis its unique aroma, yes. But that’s not all. It is common knowledge that there are different strains of cannabis. The different strains mean varying effects depending on your preferred strain. For instance, one strain could make you slow and dizzy,  while another would make you feel energetic.

Other types of terpenes will give different effects, tastes, and aroma.  And it is terpenes that determine what medicinal effects a strain has on you.

Marijuana, Hemp, and Terpenes

What relationship do Marijuana and Hemp have with terpenes, CBDs, and THCs? You can’t just go about talking CBDs and THCs without knowing their association with Marijuana and Hemp. Marijuana and Hemp are also contents of the cannabis plants. Yet, they are slightly different, and here’s how. Hemp has more CBD, and Marijuana has more THC.

As stated earlier, Terpenes exist in other plants too. Although it seems like terpenes’ primary function is to protect them from harm, grazing animals, and ravaging pests. This idea makes it logical that they exist in other plants too.

Meanwhile, the aroma of these terpenes and their functions can easily make a stoner become addicted.

For instance, myrcene is one type of terpene that occurs in plants like lemongrass, basil, bay leaves, and hops. But these things don’t just occur in edibles alone. Every plant has some terpenes in it. A common type of terpene is Menthol,  and the obvious effect of Menthol is that it is minty and soothing.

The menthol type Terpenes will also work with the cannabinoid receptors in the body to render its soothing effects on the body.

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Common Types of Terpenes and their Effect.

There are lots of terpenes. In fact, over 3,000 of them. However, only a few are very common in cannabis products like THC and CBD. Terpenes can determine the flavor of CBD and THC. In the case of cannabis, the aroma and believed effects are essential aspects of terpenes.

CBD and THC users can buy isolated terpenes and add them to their cannabis products to give the desired effect. Here are some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis plants. They also reflect CBD oil uses and benefits.

  1. Myrcene 

The aroma of myrcene is associated with citrus and cloves. It can boost CBD and THC products to induce pain relief for its users. Also, there is a strong belief that myrcene can also cause a person to overcome insomnia. Insomnia is a situation where you cannot find sleep. In summary, if you’re looking for relaxation and sedation in your cannabis product, go for a myrcene terpene.

Myrcene is also found in Mango and is responsible for its attractive smell.

  1. Limonene

Suppose you have heartburns or some inflammation. Limonenes seem to be the perfect deal. There is also a general belief that this terpene has antifungal, antimicrobial effects. Furthermore, it might be able to kill cancer cells in the body.  Its aroma is bitter lemon, and it happens to elevate mood and relieve stress in the body generally.

The bitter citrus aroma in limonene can be associated with these cannabis types: Super lemon haze and lemon skunk.

  1. Humulene

This one has a simple, earthy scent. The effects that it is believed to have are that it prevents tumors, fights bacteria and inflammation. Besides, it could also suppress feelings of hunger. Of all its therapeutic effects, being anti-inflammatory seems to be its healthiest quality. Asides cannabis, Humulene is also found in basil, coriander, and hops.

  1. Caryophyllene

Another terpene found in cannabis. Yet this one is spicy. It is also considered to have a pepper aroma, a woody scent, or that of the cloves. Caryophyllene can boost CBD or THC with its pain-relieving effects. It is also known to help with anxiety and elevate depressing moods. Generally, caryophyllene is a stress reliever when it is used with cannabis products.

It is also found in other plants such as black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves.

  1. Pinene

Just as the name, this common terpene in cannabis has a pine aroma. Although it is indeed a cannabis derivative, it is known to counter the effects of THC. Pinene in your cannabis will boost memory retention and alertness. Also, pinene in CBD oil benefits anxiety, asthma, and cancer.  It is also found in parsley and rosemary.

  1. Linalool

Many know that the scent of lavender is both elevating and relaxing. But little did they know that this could be as a result of the terpene in it! Linalool is found in some cannabis strains as well as lavender. Applying linalool will boost CBD oil benefits too. It’s generally believed to sedate and improve mood. On the therapeutic side, this same terpene found in cannabis plants might help fight neurodegenerative diseases, depression, and insomnia.

  1. Ocimene

Everyone likes something that’s sweet. And even cannabis will give you this cherished sensation when there is some ocimene in it. Asides this terpene giving you a much desired sweet aroma, it is known for its therapeutic effects. These effects include antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic. So it’s no surprise considering that ocimene is found in Mangoes.

How Terpenes Boost CBD and THC Benefits

Terpenes are cannabinoids, just like CBD and THC. They bind with CB1 and CB2  in the body and allow THCs and CBDs to penetrate better and become more effective in our bodies.

CBD oil benefits list

So, What are the benefits of CBD?
The following CBD benefits list contains the significant aspects of terpene-boosted CBD oils.

  • Therapeutic effects

These CBD health benefits range from effects like antiseptic, antibacterial to the treatment of ulcers, and insomnia.

  • General effects

This point covers the general effects derived from using CBD oil. It involves all the positive feelings you get from consuming CBD. Some of those most popular effects include sedation, relief from stress, or energetic.

  • Aroma

The aromatic quality of CBD oil makes it desirable to most users. Most people are attracted to this quality and that’s why CBD manufacturers often pay emphasis to this when advertising their products.

Wrapping Up

Terpenes naturally occur as chemicals in plants, preventing animals from eating and destroying them. Luckily for humans, terpenes can steer our taste buds, affecting the way CBDs and THCs work within our bodies.

Hence, the validity of the idea that they can boost the effects of CBD and THC. But the process of acquiring pure CBD oil or pure THC oil, often involves complete removal of terpenes, although it can be added later. CBD users can get desired isolated terpenes from stores and add to their cannabis products.

For instance, if you want anti-inflammatory effects that will relieve you of pain and ease you to sleep, get myrcene.

Next time when you go shopping for your CBDs or THCs, you should look for those that are augmented with terpenes that you prefer.

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